Is there a way to get Working Free PSN Codes Nowdays?

For those who own the highly popular playstation 3 console, the playstation network or PSN is the ultimate platform for getting gaming goodies. The system is devised in such a way that you can rack up credits which you later spend on your favorite releases and the easiest way for you to get them is by using PSN codes which allow you to enjoy numerous giveaways. Due to their high value and demand, finding functioning playstation network codes can be a daunting task. This is also because most sites offer codes that have already been redeemed hence do not work anymore.
It is essential for you to note that free psn codes do exist but the scarcity revolves around the difficulty that most websites have in keeping up with their demand. Due to this fact, it may take you a very long time to get any working code. In order to avoid the frustration of going through many sites without luck, you need to consider searching for sites that offer giveaways to members. By joining these sites you will not obliged to participate in the scheduled giveaways by sharing and liking. These websites employ a handy tool to reward its members rather than promising them hacks that do not work. So this is why its actually recommended to use giveaway based generators.

What are psn code generators ?
Another way you can get free and reliable psn codes without much hustle is through the code generators. The psn code generator is a somewhat controversial idea which may seem to many like a hack but in reality, it is not. It functions just like a typical calculator although it sums up tweets and likes for each member and determines the most active participants. Each day’s database can be downloaded and contributes to your tally which gives you an edge in the daily giveaways. The simple trick here is to gain as many entries as possible before downloading the psn code generator.

And now comes the best part. When using the psn generator by you automatically enter the competition for monthly premium giveaway where about 10-15 50$ psn codes are given away to most active members. By getting entries you will also benefit from playstation network generator as well since its designed to give more codes to active members each day.
By taking these tips into consideration, you are sure to reduce your search effort and at the same time save on cost since you won’t be using your money. As much as you may think of it as a gamble, you will realize that the odds are so high that you can even get the psn codes on the first day. More so, by taking this opportune moment to try you are going to capitalize on the wait time on the new update for this console which will be out soon.

I suggest that you get a good amount of Free PSN codes in coming months since when PS4 comes out you will need it. You can get more psn codes and entries at the official pages , and not just codes for Playstation 3 , you can stock up for other codes too and prepare for Xbox One as well.

League of Legends Cheats and Guides

League of legends is one best big game to play free. It still holds as the most trusted game by most of the online game lovers. It has garnered sufficient sign of excellence based on the much trust that and the attraction it has had on the various fans that have become obsessed to this awesome game. The frequent updates that are provided by the developer have kept its features and attractiveness a continuously obsessive game. It has gained fame all over the world. Cheats and guides add style to your playing experience. The brushes give you a chance to surprise and also conceal yourself from your enemies. The best way of using league of legends hack is following the tips provided by software developer, that way you can get unlimited amount of free Riot points.



Instagram guide for small business

Instagram is a social network which is mainly image-based started in 2010 an in 2012 it was acquired by Facebook. It amazingly grew very fast realizing about a million fans within two months after it was started. Currently, about 60 million photos are shared daily on the app. Instagram is currently being used by thousands to do business and maybe you are interested in instagram for business but you don’t know where to start. This article is going to provide you with a simply–written instagram guide for business and tips on how to go about it, how to attract and engage with customers, increase sales by use of instagram and much more.

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 It is absolutely true that a thousand words can be represented by one picture as instagram app has been a proof of it. You take shots and adjust them as you like and share them to all your friend and followers on instagram and other platforms like Facebook and twitter. If you don’t have the app don’t panic, it is one of the simplest apps to download and install into your android device. Go to the app store of your device, download the app and launch it. Create an account by signing up’ then follow friends and you are now on instagram.


Nvidia’s Project Shield Priced at $349, Now Available for Pre-Order

Since unveiling the game-streaming, Tegra-powered Shield at this year’s CES, Nvidia has kept everyone waiting to find out just how much the device would cost. Well, the cat’s out of the bag as of Tuesday morning, with the Shield available for pre-order at a whopping $349. (more…)

The iTunes influence, part one: How Apple changed the face of the music marketplace

The iTunes influence, part one How Apple changed the face of the music marketplace


On April 28th, the iTunes Store basked in a milestone 10th birthday. Two years before its 2003 launch (as the iTunes Music Store), Apple introduced the iTunes client as a desktop music management program and implemented it as the device manager for the first iPod later in 2001. In those two years, Apple laid the groundwork for what can reasonably be called the iTunes era of music.

Apple did not invent digital music, even though for many iTunes embodies 21st century music buying. However, during the past 10 years, it has become the US’ top music retailer, with customers currently downloading 15,000 songs per minute from the app’s library of 26 million songs, according to an Apple spokesperson. Since its launch, it has evolved into the hub of a powerhouse media / tech ecosystem that turned Apple into the world’s most valuable company in 2012.

As a symbolic milestone, the iTunes anniversary encourages reflection on the past, a survey of the present and predictions of the future. Digital music continues to evolve, for businesses, consumers and musicians. (more…)

Can We Expect New Console Emulators for PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2013

Everyone likes the concept of trying to play their best games on Computer with full resolution and also sharp graphics. I personally love the thought about emulators so I enjoy to overview a few of the brand new ones. You can comment if you learn a good emulator



Consoles have advanced very much in last generation, but they feel quite aged now compared to PC’s. I guess we all heard of the new console announcements , like PS4 and Xbox 720 and its very nice to see that consoles are still being developed. As far as emulators development, we know that when one console generation ends that emulators tend to be made really quickly after that. So , let’s talk more about what can we expect in 2013 , but first lets say a few words about emulators in general. (more…)

Razer Edge Pro review: can a tablet double as a gaming PC?

Razer Edge Pro review can a tablet double as a gaming PC

Razer edge look like an interesting concept , it’s a gaming tablet. The whole idea is well known but we did not have powerfull enough tablets that can run most of the games. So take a look here , in the post that i found about this new tablet that can even replace your gaming PC. (more…)

Battery Life Is the Only Spec That Matters

Phones and Tablets from different manufacturers have different baterry life and of course that is one of the most important Specifications. At the moment what i can tell is that iOS devices have much better batery life then for example Adndroid. This post goes in depth about this subject so read it if you are interested.

Battery Life Is the Only Spec That MattersGive basically any piece of tech you carry around the time machine test. Jump ahead 50 years, and show off whatever anachronism of a gadget you brought along to a native. They’d laugh, obviously. But within the confines of our traditional tech specs, you know what they’d probably find most egregious? The battery. (more…)