Is there a way to get Working Free PSN Codes Nowdays?

For those who own the highly popular playstation 3 console, the playstation network or PSN is the ultimate platform for getting gaming goodies. The system is devised in such a way that you can rack up credits which you later spend on your favorite releases and the easiest way for you to get them is by using PSN codes which allow you to enjoy numerous giveaways. Due to their high value and demand, finding functioning playstation network codes can be a daunting task. This is also because most sites offer codes that have already been redeemed hence do not work anymore.

It is essential for you to note that free psn codes do exist but the scarcity revolves around the difficulty that most websites have in keeping up with their demand. Due to this fact, it may take you a very long time to get any working code. In order to avoid the frustration of going through many sites without luck, you need to consider searching for sites that offer giveaways to members. By joining these sites you will not obliged to participate in the scheduled giveaways by sharing and liking. These websites employ a handy tool to reward its members rather than promising them hacks that do not work. So this is why its actually recommended to use giveaway based generators.

What are psn code generators ?

Playstation network Codes
Another way you can get free and reliable psn codes without much hustle is through the code generators. The psn code generator is a somewhat controversial idea which may seem to many like a hack but in reality, it is not. It functions just like a typical calculator although it sums up tweets and likes for each member and determines the most active participants. Each day’s database can be downloaded and contributes to your tally which gives you an edge in the daily giveaways. The simple trick here is to gain as many entries as possible before downloading the psn code generator.

And now comes the best part. When using the psn generator by you automatically enter the competition for monthly premium giveaway where about 10-15 50$ psn codes are given away to most active members. By getting entries you will also benefit from playstation network generator as well since its designed to give more codes to active members each day.
By taking these tips into consideration, you are sure to reduce your search effort and at the same time save on cost since you won’t be using your money. As much as you may think of it as a gamble, you will realize that the odds are so high that you can even get the psn codes on the first day. More so, by taking this opportune moment to try you are going to capitalize on the wait time on the new update for this console which will be out soon.

I suggest that you get a good amount of Free PSN codes in coming months since when PS4 comes out you will need it. You can get more psn codes and entries at the official pages , and not just codes for Playstation 3 , you can stock up for other codes too and prepare for Xbox One as well.

GameCase Brings Classic Controller Style to iOS

<i/>GameCase for iOS” width=”275″ height=”275″ border=”0″ /> </span>
<p>We’ve adapted from a culture of console-based gameplay into mobile maniacs who speed through six levels of Bejeweled Blitz on the morning train commute. And that shift has helped push Apple to embrace traditional controllers in a modern way. <a href=(more…)

Apple iOS 7


  • Pros

    Heightened security. Fresh design. Wonderful improvements to Control Center, Notification Center, and multitasking bar. Can download over Wi-Fi. Free. (more…)

Steam’s new Family Sharing system lets you both a borrower and a lender be

Moochers rejoice: Valve is bringing game lending back in a big way. The company announced today that a new Family Sharing feature is coming to Steam in the near future, and a thousand Steam users will begin beta testing the Family Sharing system in mid-September. Early adopters can volunteer for testing duties by joining Steam’s new Family Sharing Group.

Once you have access to Family Sharing, there are two ways to share: you can toggle an option in Steam’s Account Settings menu to make your library of games available to anyone who logs into Steam on your PC, or allow others to access and download your previously installed games remotely—Valve will be updating Steam to allow users to request Family Share access. (more…)


All too often, gaming laptops have the problem of overstating just how “made for gamers” they are. With their neon lights, science fiction-like design elements, and brightly colored accents, it usually doesn’t take long to identify if a particular portable computer was made for gaming. MSI’s new GS70, on the other hand, takes a different approach. Sporting an ultra-slim build, a dark gray aluminum chasis, and lacking unnecessary LEDs, the company’s latest laptop is obviously designed with a more mature look in mind. It may not be quite as attractive as the Razer Blade line, but you definitely won’t feel ashamed when you pull out the GS70 public — that is, as long as you can find a bag big enough to fit the laptop and its giant 17.3-inch display. (more…)

Apple iPhone 5S vs. Samsung Galaxy S4: Spec Showdown



Apple iPhone 5S

Apple just announced its newest flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5S, and already the commentary is flying. Did Cupertino do enough with the new model? How is that fingerprint sensor going to work in real life? And most importantly—how does the iPhone 5S compare to current leading smartphones? (more…)

Microsoft unboxes an Xbox One, reveals included headset

GAMES CONSOLE MAKER Microsoft has shown off its Xbox One console in an unboxing video.

You probably could have guessed this, but it is unboxed by longtime Microsoft Xbox blogger Major Nelson.

First off, we are impressed that the console comes with a headset., There was talk that this would not be the case, but the proof is in the box, and Nelson pulled one out. (more…)

Is the PS4 really worth picking up on day one?

Obviously since we are all gamer nuts here the idea that we won’t be lining up to get our PlayStation 4 on release date may seem a little bizarre. But I was having a chat yesterday with our old friend Nick who was asking if it was even worth pre-ordering the PlayStation 4 or rather waiting until the real titles are released. (more…)

Titanfall Developer Explains Use of Xbox Live Cloud

Probably one of the best games revealed at E3 2013 was Titanfall fromElectronic Arts. The game will reportedly use Microsoft’s cloud compute initiative which will run all the dedicated servers for Windows PC, Xbox 360and Xbox One, and perform all the AI hosting, physics calculations, matchmaking and more. Microsoft’s cloud will also spin up and spin down dedicated servers on a moment’s notice to handle multiplayer matches. (more…)

Xbox One Will Support Gameplay Capture Devices

As the march toward the launch of the next-gen consoles creeps forward, Microsoft has provided insight into the Xbox One’s support for gameplay video capture kits. In a statement issued today, Microsoft confirmed that the system will allow players to capture footage over HDMI without the hinderance HDCP (High-Bandwidth Copyright Protection), maintaining the capacity to record gameplay for machinima videos, commentaries, and highlight reels. (more…)

Report: PS4 reserves 3.5GB of RAM for the OS

Nearly half of the PlayStation 4′s onboard RAM is reserved for the console’s operating system, according to a report from the hardware sleuths at Digital Foundry. Sony documents supposedly reveal that 3.5 gigs of RAM are dedicated to functions of the (more…)